Adopt One of Our Animals
Tattered Lives Farm is here to give back and help those who have given so much for our everyday freedoms throughout their own lives. We recognize the therapeutic value of bringing together the tattered lives of humans and farm animals promotes health and healing for our families and our animals.
When a family experiences a significant trauma or loss it affects each member differently. We would like to provide an opportunity with the assistance of our animals and qualified staff for each family member to work through their loss, trauma, and grief to process and heal.  
Production and farm animals unlike everyday domesticated animals are often mistreated or seen as less than. The mistreatment of these animals greatly affects their quality of life. We want to show our retired production farm animals compassion and allow them to heal from their own trauma and learn to trust humans and care for them the way they deserve.

After our animals have been rescued and transported to our farm they will be given time to settle into a new way of life and allow their own healing to begin. After the animals have successfully transitioned and settled into their new home we will begin selecting families to come and visit the farm.

Family members, friends, or loved ones may nominate a family that they feel will benefit from a weeklong stay on our farm. Families that come to stay on our farm. Families that come to stay with us on the farm we bill presented with an opportunity to work with qualified staff and interact with our animals. They will also be presented with the opportunity to participate in fun activities such as team and family building exercises, four-wheeling, zip lining, hiking and target practice.

The hope is to start construction of the main house, family cabins and outbuildings in early Spring of 2020.

How to Give Back

As a non-profit organization, we rely on your generosity to continue providing
our excellent care and services. We sincerely appreciate every donation.