Our Mission
Our mission is to bring the lives of both the animals and our visitors together to promote healing in a therapeutic environment.
Our Why
Tattered Lives Far, (TLF), is the brainchild of our Veteran Founder, Jason “Jake” Jean. Jake is also the founder of Tattered Beans Coffee. Through the sale of coffee, Tattered Beans partners with veterans and works with them in the selling process of the coffee. Each veteran in the program is given a personalized link that provides a portion of each coffee product sale to the veteran whose Tattered Beans Coffee code was used.
Giving back isn’t always monetarily-based. At TLF, the thought of giving back is simply a constant presence of mind. From finding new production animals a new home, to the enjoyment of bringing those animals and people together, a TLF is a place of re connection and serenity.

Tattered Lives Farm is simply about bringing together people and animals as a means to improve the overall joy in life.

By TatteredLives Farm

December 4,2019

When we experience grief or trauma who we are as a person is sometimes shaken. We are scared to move on but also scared to live in the pain of what has just happened. It’s difficult to trust yourself and those around you to understand what life looks like after. We isolate and keep feelings hidden causing more pain and turmoil, delaying healing.

The bond between animals and humans has always been strong, but most don’t see farm animals as your typical therapy animal. At the end of the day the dog or a dairy cow are all animals that are accepting, non-judgemental beings that accept and love a person with no regard to what state they are in.

Animal assisted therapy can be more than just simply spending time with the animal. Engaging the animal in activities such as walking, brushing, feeding, riding, and overall care increases empathy, self-esteem, trust, and social skill as well as decreasing isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and depression.

The goofy entertainment nature of a goat can provide a laugh and a lighthearted moment to someone while they are hurting. The calm and composed nature of a horse or a cow can help to break down walls and allow for someone to open up and trust in the moment. Someone the animals have the ability to let us know that it’s ok to not be ok all the time.

TLF contributor, Becky Mitchell

How to Give Back

As a non-profit organization, we rely on your generosity to continue providing
our excellent care and services. We sincerely appreciate every donation.


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